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Standard Warranty

Except where noted, each of our bidets comes with a 1-year manufacturers’ warranty (Standard Warranty). Specific warranty information and terms are sent with each item. A copy of this warranty can be obtained by contacting Hygiene for Health®.

Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are available for most brands and models. Bidet seat must have been purchased within the past 14 days. Please keep your original purchase receipt.

  • Extended warranties offer the same coverage as the original manufacturers’ warranty including parts & labor for all elements of your bidet, except replacement of the seat and lid, any shipping fees, and inconsequential damages or costs.
  • A two-year warranty extends the Standard Warranty from one year to a total of two years.
    Price: $49.95
  • A three-year warranty extends the Standard Warranty from one year to a total of three years.
    Price: $69.95

If during the warranty or extended warranty period the parts for the unit become obsolete and no longer available we will not be able to service the product as outlined. We will however offer a pro-rated refund of the extended warranty or offer any of our other products as a replacement at a reduced cost equal to this amount or greater.

Today all of the products we sell are current models & most manufacturers sell parts for 5-7 years after we discontinue selling their products.