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We have serviced bidets as an Authorized Service Center, providing both in and out of warranty repairs, since 1990. Impurities in incoming water lines are the number one cause of damage and leaking, resulting in repairs.

We researched this issue with manufacturers for three years and then shopped for another two years to find the perfect water filter at a reasonable price. Our Bidet Water Filter meets rigid guidelines and is highly recommended by bidet seat manufacturers. Available in both ion and sediment models, filters have 1/2″ fittings (one male, one female) on each end and will fit all bidets with 1/2″ water supply lines.

Softens water by adding negative ions, which makes water clean faster with less surface tension. This filter captures larger particulate matter and is the best choice for most installations. One filter can purify up to 410 gallons of water or 1,500 flushes. Replace filters every 6 to 9 months.

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ION Filter, Sediment Filter


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