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About Bidet Seats

The Bidet Seat replaces your existing toilet seat, and we carry models to fit every toilet made. All models use the cold water line from your toilet (supplied), plug-in for electrical power and come complete with all of the necessary water fittings to provide a comfortable cleansing shower of warm water.

The Bidet Seat was originally invented in the early 1960s by a doctor in Switzerland as an aid for his patients. The INAX Corporation of Japan acquired the patent, began refining the seat and introduced their first model to the public in 1964. Since then, over 50 million Bidet Seats have been sold around the world. Bidet Seats are vastly superior to the old style porcelain bidet fixture and much more affordable and convenient.

In addition to overall personal hygiene, the right bidet seat can also provide comfort and convenience for individuals with diseases/disorders of the digestive tract, as well as disabilities resulting from Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or amputation of a limb, hand or finger.

All of our Bidet Seats are equipped with anti-slam seats and lids, heated seats, adjustable temperature/pressure controls and are self-cleaning. All of our bidets should only be installed by licensed plumbers. On electric models where there is not an outlet, then a licensed electrician should be used to install one. We recommend a dedicated 15 or 20amp GFI circuit be used, and local codes followed. Periodic maintenance and inspection of the unit is required. Optional bidet water filters must be replaced every 6 months. Hoses and all connections should be checked frequently. These units must be protected from freezing and if not used for extended periods, it should be disconnected. Please contact us with any specific questions you may have.

A Bidet Seat That fits your needs.

What’s the benefit to being in the bidet market longer than any other bidet manufacturer in the USA? We KNOW bidets to a level others can’t match.

We strive to look for needs in the market that are not being met, and then design seats to MEET those needs.

Regardless of the need we’re trying to meet when deciding to bring a new seat to market, strive for quality and customer service not matched by anyone else in the space.

Love Bidets As Much As We Do?

We specialize in helping fellow bidet lovers promote bidets to the world! Unlike other bidet manufacturers in the USA, We’ve been in your shoes as bidet dealers to the masses in the past, and we know the struggles and pain points dealers face when trying to make customers happy, but having their hands tied by manufacturers who don’t understand.

Our goal? Supporting YOU in every way we can. Let’s share the good news of bidets to all!!

Choosing an Electric Bidet Seat

Electronic Bidet Seats are the primary focus of the bidet industry today. We stock about 20 models from 7 different manufacturers. The guide below will help you select a bidet seat to meet your personal hygiene needs:

Do You Have a 1-piece OR 2-piece Toilet?

Two-piece toilets are the traditional toilet, with the separate bowl and tank joined together at installation. As the name suggests, 1-piece toilets come with the bowl and tank molded together in one piece. All of our models fit 2-piece toilets and most 1-piece toilets. If you have a 1-piece toilet with a curved back, please contact us with your make and model number. Some 1-piece toilets do not allow a good fit and may have to be replaced if you wish to use a bidet seat.

Do You Need a Round OR Elongated Bidet Seat?

Measure from bolt centerline to outside front edge of porcelain: Round Seat 16.5″ & Elongated Seat 18.5″. There are also a few other key measurements to take to ensure proper fitting and installation. See the Diagram for details

Contact us today and let’s build something.

We can’t wait to work with you to grow the bidet market together. Help us spread the good word!


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