About Hygiene For Health

At Hygiene For Health®, we are committed to providing you with the very best in personal hygiene products. In our promise to you, we assure the very best pricing, prompt worldwide shipping, and superb customer service & product support. With over 30 years of industry experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are certain to please.

Every Bidet product we sell must meet each of these guidelines:

  • With the many bidet products on the market, we choose only the best Quality to sell.
  • All electric products we sell meet UL requirements for Safety and Reliability.
  • The Design must not only fit most fixtures, but must look good and be easy to remove and clean.
  • We test every seat to make sure it Functions as promised. Our most recent models have undergone 3 years of testing.
  • We look at the Value. While some seats may cost twice as much, they may not necessarily work better or last longer
  • Hygiene For Health® provides continuous Support after the sale and we have done so since 1990. This is longer than any other importer or distributor in the U.S.

Company Profile

Established in 1990, we have been providing worldwide sales and support for all major bidet manufacturers. Hygiene For Health® is the largest independent distributor and retailer of bidet products in North America.

Our sales, distribution, parts & repair facility is located in Sequim, Washington, USA. We also have established sales locations in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Netherlands. Our extensive inventory includes thousands of products in stock from a multitude of manufacturers, which usually ship in one business day.

History of Hygiene For Health

Hygiene For Health® was Established in 1990 to Import, Market, Distribute & Service the Panasonic Bidet Seat Line

Hygiene For Health® Timeline

  • 2001  Added the Hometech Bidet line
  • 2001  Added the INAX Bidet line
  • 2002  Added the Bio Bidet line
  • 2002  Imported the first Travel Bidet line
  • 2002  Opened office in Canada
  • 2003  Incorporated Hygiene For Health
  • 2004  Introduced the Spaloo Bidet brand
  • 2004  Introduced Olympia Bidet brand
  • 2005  Opened office in The Netherlands
  • 2005  Opened office in Australia
  • 2006  Opened office in the UK
  • 2006  Introduced the Clean Sense Bidet brand
  • 2010  Introduced the Blooming Bidet brand
  • 2010  Introduced a new & improved Travel Bidet line
  •  2010  Developed service program for Kohler Bidet line
  •  2011  Introduced the Infinity Bidet brand
  •  2013  Introduced the NOVA Bidet brand
  •  2014  Introduced the Galaxy Bidet brand
  •  2015  Became the exclusive importer and distributor for the Novita brand.
  •  2015  Developed the Olympia brand of Bidet Water Filters.
  •  2015  Developed the GoBidet Bidet Attachment.
  •  2020  Introduced the Auto-Open seat and lid on the Blooming Bidet brand.
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