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Hygiene For Health® is the largest
Bidet Seat Service Provider in North America

We provide repairs for: Blooming, CleanSense, Clean Butt, Coco, Daewon, Galaxy, GoBidet, Hometech, Infinity, Kohler, Novita, NOVA, NAiS, Olympia, Panasonic, Saniwise and Spaloo.

Want us to repair your bidet?
Simply follow the steps below!

  1. Before sending the product in, make sure that the unit is getting power. On remote control models, make sure to test the unit with the side panel buttons and new batteries.
  2. Make sure the product is packaged well, as these units are fragile. Send only by UPS or FedEx, fully insured. Do not send by mail as deliveries are not made inside our business complex.
  3. Print and complete the Bidet Seat Service Form, and include it with the product.
  4. Do not include the remote control or any other parts with the repair, unless they specifically need attention. Parts can easily get lost or damaged in transit, so it’s better to keep these at home.
  5. If in-warranty service is needed, the product must be accompanied by a copy of the proof-of-purchase receipt.
  6. If out-of-warranty service is needed, a free estimate will be provided before beginning repairs.

NOTE: Products must be fully insured & sent via UPS or FedEx Prepaid. Do not send by mail as deliveries are not made inside our business complex.

Call us toll-free: 1.800.681.0753

Looking for parts?
You can repair your seat at home!

Hygiene For Health® is the largest independent supplier of Genuine OEM Bidet Seat replacement parts in North America.

Hygiene For Health® stocks 100% genuine factory replacement parts for every bidet seat we sell. We also repair and sell parts for some bidet seat brands we do not sell. If you do not see your brand in the list below, please contact us as we may still be able to solve your bidet repair problems

Order Parts

To order parts, please visit our Parts And Repair Website, for details regarding your brand of bidet seat.

  • Blooming
  • Clean Sense
  • Daewon
  • Galaxy
  • GoBidet
  • INAX – Sorry, we can no longer offer service on this brand. Please contact:
  • Infinity
  • Kohler (Models: K-4108, K-4709, K-4737, K-4744, K-8298)
  • Panasonic/NAiS (Models: CH72, CH622, CH631, CH630)
  • NOVA
  • Novita
  • Olympia
  • Spaloo

Our Support & Service Are the Best in the Business!

Hygiene for Health delivers knowledge and service – with a wise word and a kind smile. It difficult to know whom you are dealing with over the Internet – and if the dealer will respond positively when you need warranty service or other repairs. Many bidet sellers’ websites boast superior products, knowledge and service, but only one proved it to me.

When my new electronic bidet did not work, I contacted the retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer. For five months they pointed the finger at each other and at me—the customer—instead of fixing the faulty manufactured unit They created negative energy and wasted too much time trying to wear me down. I was about to give up and throw out the bidet when I saw that Hygiene for Health offered parts for many manufacturers – even if I did not buy the unit there. I wrote in via the website explaining the malfunction and my troubleshooting techniques and results. Within one day, they responded about the likely problem. He quickly sent the new part with installation instructions and offered to assist via phone. I made the repair and the unit now works fine. Why didn’t the other parties do that?

Consider there are hundreds of bidets with different designs, functions and features with hundreds of brand names that imply different manufacturers—but that is not true. Only a few overseas companies under private label manufacture the units for the sellers to brand their own trade names. Therefore, knowledge, ethics and reliability of the seller is important to your successful purchase. Call Hygiene For Health…..they can help you analyze and value the many available options. In addition, if the bidet malfunctions he will help you fix it—with reliable quality service and a smile.

~ A grateful customer in Irvine, California. May 3, 2011

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