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CleanSense 1500R offers many features, including an on-demand water heating system to ensure continuous warm water for comfortable cleansing. LCD remote with customizable user presets.

CleanSense 1500R features include:

  • Remote control with customizable user presets
  • Fits 1- and 2-piece toilets
  • Available in elongated seat size only
  • Available in white
  • Electricity required
  • Energy Efficient On-Demand Instant Water Heating System
  • Warm seat with seat safety sensor & child safety feature
  • Soft close seat & lid
  • Warm & cool water
  • 1 wand, 3 nozzle-tips: front, rear & enema wash
  • Adjustable nozzle positions with settings for children
  • Massage & pulse wash features
  • Warm air dry
  • Quick-release feature for cleaning
  • Energy-saving feature
  • Odor neutralizer with charcoal filter

Elongated, Round


CleanSense Bidet


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