Sorry, we no longer carry this product. Please visit our Bidet Attachments page for other great bidet options.

Our newest bidet attachment, Bio Bidet 250, fits under your existing toilet seat & combines the features of the Bio Bidet 200 with an additional nozzle for more effective washing. For warm water washing also attach to a warm water connection, otherwise this model works with cool water only.

BioBidet 250 Bidet Attachment with side-panel control

Bio Bidet 250 features include:

  • Side-panel control
  • Designed to fit almost any 2-piece toilet
  • Not compatible with most 1-piece toilets
  • No electricity or battery needed
  • Softer mist action water stream for feminine use
  • Efficient water stream for posterior wash
  • Easy turning control knob to adjust water volume & temperature
  • Self-cleaning feature cleans nozzle-tips before use
  • Connects to the water valve for cool water source
  • Connects to the sink for warm water source
  • Made with high quality ABS resin
  • All metal valve hose & 5mm poly connection hose
  • NOTE: Also known as BBC-250, Elite 5 and other model number and product variations