From Panasonic, the NAiS CH631 is the best functioning and most reliable seat on the market today. Hygiene For Health® has sold this model since 1995, and little has changed with a design that is proven to be the best. Over 85% of these are still in use today – 18 years later. Optional Kohler mounting brackets for installation on the Rialto and San Rafael one-piece models is available at no charge when ordering. If you want the best seat we can offer, this is it.

Panasonic NAiS CH631 Bidet Seat with side-panel control

Panasonic Nais CH631 features include:

  • Designed to last 10+ years
  • Made to fit any 1- or 2-piece toilets
  • Available in round white with heated seat
  • Available in elongated white with non-heated seat
  • Electricity required
  • Warm seat (round seat size only)
  • Anti-slam seat and lid
  • Adjustable temperature warm water
  • Two wands with removable nozzle tips
  • Oscillating water spray
  • Large volume spray pattern for fast and easy cleaning
  • Adjustable strength water pressure
  • Energy-saving feature



Price: $695.00

BUY 2, Save $100!

Price: $1,290.00

BUY 3, Save $285!

Price: $1,800.00